Connect with a counsellor

 Life gets messy and sometimes we need support. We encourage you to ask for help. Whether that’s a pastor or a counsellor. It’s up to you. Below we’ve gathered a few resources of qualified counsellors and organizations in our community and surrounding area.

Seeking help is a signs of strength, not weakness.

Crisis line - 24/7 Support

Distress Centre – 24/7 Crisis Line
403.266 HELP (4357)
The service is free, over the phone 24/7 support for urgent care and support.   

Maureen Speidel, Registered Psychologist Life Path Wellness, Chestermere
Services: individuals, couples and families including depression, anxiety, early childhood trauma, relational struggles, post-traumatic stress disorder.
Fees for service: $200 per hour (contact your employer or provider for benefit coverage)

Jackie Stinton, Registered Psychologist Private Practice, Calgary
(403) 460-2220
Services: individuals, youth, adults, and family counselling including stress, relationship issues, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, grief, anger, gender identity, sexuality, abuse, spirituality, martial and pre-martial and family of origin.
Fees for service: $200 per hour (contact your employer or provider for benefit coverage)

Joel Roos, Registered Psychologist Cultivate, Calgary
Services: couples counselling, family counselling, chronic pain management, chronic disease and condition management, sleep dysfunction, behavioural health, anxiety, stress management, and family/fertility/birth planning concerns. LGBTQ+ affirming.
Fees for service: $200 per hour, sliding fee scale offered on request

Susan Leslie, Registered Psychologist Private Practice, Calgary
Services: couples and relational counselling, fertility and pregnancy loss, anxiety, stress, depression, parenting challenges. 
Fees for service: $200 per hour (contact your employer or provider for benefit coverage)

Calgary Counselling Centre
Services: The Centre helps individuals, couples, parents, families, children and youth including relationships, sexuality/intimacy, eating disorders, depression, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, self-esteem, parenting, grief, divorce, stress, and trauma.
Fees for service: sliding fee scale based on income.

Financial Counselling

Credit Counselling Society
Credit counselling and education on budgeting, debt payment, and online resources.