“We’re in this together. From the moment you walk in the door you are a part of the community.”

Next class: Sunday, Aug 11 at 9 a.m. Our Lady of Wisdom School. Sign-up below.

Membership is about participating in the beautiful and sometimes challenging work of loving others in community, worshiping together, living generously and allowing our stories to include and celebrate others. At Lake Ridge when you become a member you are choosing to say, “I am committed to this community of people as we grow spiritually together.” As people get to know your story, as we serve together this committed group of people experiences deep spiritual benefits.

At an organizational level, membership is set-up to help make collective decisions and provide accountability and support for our leadership. As a congregational church we believe that the community is the church and so formal membership is the organizational structure that helps us to express that. Members help to elect our Leadership Team and approve the major financial decisions of the church.

If have a personal commitment to journeying in faith and you’re calling Lake Ridge home, we invite you to take the first steps towards membership and take one of our membership classes.

Membership process:

1. Pray. Spend time with Jesus and talk to him about your decision.
2. Ask questions – feel free to contact anyone on our Leadership Team for a coffee to chat about the membership process.
3. Sign up for the next Lake Ridge membership class to learn about the process of membership, the back-story of the Evangelical Covenant Church, and to share about how your story is connecting with the growing story of God’s work through Lake Ridge Community Church.
4. Fill out the membership form and give to a member of our Leadership Team.
5. Attend and meet with members of the Leadership Team to share stories and get to know each other.

 Once you have followed these steps, you will be contacted by our Leadership Team for further discussions, to answer any questions, and to prepare to affirm your membership at Lake Ridge and acknowledge this moment along with our whole church community.