Jeff, Aquaculture expert/Lake Ridge staff member has inspired a real sense of community with the farmers who are participating in the Aquaculture project. We are discovering every pond has a story. 

Most recently, Jeff had met young man who attended the aquaculture seminars and demonstrated excitement and passion for learning more. His interest grew as he started seeing more ponds pop up in his community of Haut Limbe.

This young man did not earn enough to own land to start his own pond. Determine to be involved in aquaculture, he decided to help dig all of the ponds alongside the farmers currently in the project.

Digging ponds is hard work. They require several days of manual labor with the average pond being 24 by 24 feet and about 1 metre deep. This is a challenge for one farmer. So, Jeff and the farmers came up with a plan. They would team up and help dig each other’s ponds. They would work until everyone had a pond.

Once all of the ponds were dug, one of the other farmers decided to dig one more pond. He dug on his land and allowed the farmer with no land to raise his own fish in the pond.

Generosity, when one has very little, is a beautiful gift to give and to receive.

It was a proud moment for Jeff. He has been working diligently to provide aquaculture seminars that attract local farmers to this exciting project. This way of farming can be a source of sustainable income, but even bigger than that it can feed communities. By working together, more farmers thrive. This way of living is deeply engrained in what we know and love about our friends in Haiti. This is what they do best: love their neighbours. 

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