I have been blogging every time I have come to Haiti since 2016. With all the awesome coverage on Facebook Live, Instagram and Facebook on this trip I have been trying to write a blog for a couple of days and always felt I was falling short of something that was coming from my heart. Today it hit me. We had such a great day in our Fish-Farming Ministry.

When we first arrived here last Thursday, we had a few challenges at the University that had set us back. I felt like we weren’t making any progress and one of our main goals was to set up the large pond and populate it before we left. After lots of prayer and some amazing organization by our Hatian fish-farming partner Jeff, he was able to make arrangements to get us the important missing tool we needed to set up the pond. Today, we got it set up and emptied one of the smaller ponds where we had put 50 Fingerlings (baby Tilapia) in January this year. We removed 429 fish from that pond...as I took each one out of the nets and counted them before putting them into their new home I felt like all of our hard work was finally paying off.

At one point I left the university by myself and walked back to Dr Manno’s house where we were staying. I felt like my heart was going to burst. It was filled with so much happiness and purpose and I was crying. I have had so many incredible experiences in my life, but at that moment, none of them could compare to this one. I was filled with a profound appreciation for the work God has sent me here to do. I have developed some great friendships and have met some very inspiring people here who only add to my love for them. I strongly suggest, if you have never been here before make the effort and come here to feed your soul.