October 23rd 2018 

Blogging can be a daunting experience when the writer is not feeling like they have anything important to share. This is my 6th trip to Haiti and when I first arrive, I tend to feel overwhelmed and a little useless and unclear as to what God wants me to do here. I seem to leave Canada with a clear objective and feeling very focused as to what I want to accomplish during my trip. The last few trips have started out unclear and unproductive and scattered with obstacles and I am learning to let the first few days sink in before I write anything about my trip. Today I realized that I am here for the long haul and that there is no quick solution to any challenges that face my Haitian friends or myself for that matter.

On one of my previous trips to Haiti, a wise Pastor told me that, “hope is the currency of Haiti.” At the time, I kind of understood what that could mean to a Haitian, but had no idea what it could mean to me. I thought to myself, “how dare you feel defeated when something doesn’t go your way,” when my friends here in Haiti can feel defeated every day, every week, every month of every year by a life that seems to keep dealing them a less than desirable hand. How can I expect them to continue to have hope when I can’t even deal with a slight disappointment in my day?

I am surrounded by people choose to find “hope” in every day, here and back home. I can’t choose what comes my way on a daily basis, but I can choose how I am going to deal with it. How I am going love everyone around me in spite of it.  After all, hope is not to be kept to oneself, but to be shared with others.