Randy, Jeff (our translator) and I left the house at 8:00 this morning to meet with our first Co-op group called KEDA who represent 40 local farmers Northeast of Cap Hatian. With the fuel shortage still on, we decided to use the local “Tap Tap” transportation system. Let me educate you a little on what a Tap Tap is. Imagine a small pick-up truck with a raised metal roof on the back and two metal benches running across either side. Ideal seating would be 4 on each side. In Haiti there would be 6 on each side, 3 shorter women standing in the middle isle, 5 in the back seat, 4 on the roof and 4 hanging off the back. It sounds frightening, but Haitians travel this way everyday and I believe the are amused when the see the look of horror on us Westerners when we climb into one...that said we spent a good portion of the day getting to and from our meeting with KEDA on several Tap Taps!

Lots of laughter and a little genuine fear lead to a productive day spent with some dynamic young entrepreneurs who look forward to working with us on some fish-farming projects. There is no lack of enthusiasm here and we are so encouraged with the conversations we are having so far...stay tuned for our next Co-op story tomorrow when we meet with Miss Elvy!