Today we spent most of the day at the university of Haute Limbe (LCNH). We met with the Dean and then spent a few hours with 50 or more eager students wanting to learn about Aquaculture.

Randy gave a great seminar covering the basics on Fish Farming with an informative slide show from his many projects in Thailand and Africa. There are some real entrepreneurs in this university anxious to get started with this project so they can learn and take back this valuable information to the different areas throughout Haiti where their families are living. An hour was spent on a question and answer period and then we broke for lunch.

The afternoon was spent evaluating a pond that was dug a few weeks ago on the university campus. With some modifications, we are confident that we can get some fingerlings (baby Tilapia fish) into it before the end of our trip. The next two days will be spent with two Coop groups representing about 80 local farmers and most likely the rest of the week will be spent setting up at the university. I must say its pretty awesome to see so much excitement behind this project. Sharing knowledge is a wonderful thing. Thanks Randy, I’ll be expecting my certificate on “Introduction to Aquaculture” by the week’s end...:)