Arrived in Cap-Hatian this afternoon from Miami with Randy Bevis. When we finally sorted through the chaotic process of collecting our bags and clearing customs, we arrived outside the airport looking for our lift (Dr Manno).

Shortly after texting him, he informed us that his truck had broken down and that he was on his way. When he arrived we noticed that he was driving an old pickup truck and seemed a little flustered...he had been having a terrible day. His car had broken down and a friend lent him his pickup which had been over-heating all day forcing him to stop every 20 minutes to add water to the radiator, on top of this, there was no gasoline to be had in Cap Hatian for the past 4 days and when you did find some, it was unaffordable...the gas stations were complete chaos and hundreds of people were lined up to get anything they could in their portable containers. In a country that already has far more than their share of challenges, here was our friend Dr Manno, having a terrible day and yet he made it to the airport to greet us and take us to his home.

I am feeling like this fish-farming project might just be the breath of fresh air we all need to start the new year off with hopes, dreams and the potential for a sustainable project that will help the people of Haiti to feed their families and create a source of income for some struggling farmers. The plans for this Aquaculture project have been in the making for over a year...once again I am reminded that God’s timeline is not always in line with ours...:)