So much to celebrate today! We had a very productive morning at the university and I must say we owe it all to the team who have been preparing the site and digging the ponds. There is a lot of fine tuning involved when preparing fish ponds and the team of workers were real champions, they not only followed our instructions, but they wanted to understand what we were doing to ensure the project was a success. They normally only work half days on Saturday but agreed to stay on until the work was done. We left them to finish the final details and we headed to our fish farmer’s ponds to pick up the fingerlings (100 baby Tilapia) he had promised to sell to us. When we arrived he had not yet harvested them for us to transport. Once he began catching them we realized it was going to take all afternoon to collect 100.

Randy jumped into the pond and showed him a much quicker method and within 30 minutes we had our precious cargo and headed back to the university. By this time it was almost dark out and to our surprise, three of the workers had stayed back to watch us put the fingerlings into the two new ponds. Each one of them shook our hand and thanked us for including them in this project. 

As the fish were being released, I thought about the long journey we have all been on to get to this point and my heart was so full. God has been guiding us through this process from the beginning and along the way there were times that I believed we were not going to make this happen. Challenges and obstacles exist to remind us that we never walk any journey alone and when we ask for help, it always comes. We are constantly growing because of those very same challenges and obstacles and if we rush through them, the journey is not half as interesting. Thanks to everyone for your constant words of encouragement and please know, we are not the heroes here, the people of Haiti are. God Bless.