Today the gasoline shortage came to an end and it was also the only day we travelled on foot and stayed in the Haute Limbe area, ironically. The university is making progress and the nursing pond is being filled up with water as I write this entry.

Tomorrow morning will be the moment of truth when we see if the pond held the water overnight. Randy was feeling under the weather so I did not venture out very far. Jeff and I went to visit a new chicken farmer who is just getting started and is interested in fish farming, his name is Max. We visited his facility which is quite an operation for this area of Haiti. He currently has 5,000 chicks and 2,500 - 16 day old chickens in two facilities and a third facility under construction. A very ambitious young entrepreneur with a vision of fish ponds to compliment his business. He currently has three ponds already dug and needs help getting them populated and up an running. This young man lived in Boston for most of his life and decided he wanted to come back home to start up a business in Haute Limbe. You don't often hear of Haitians wanting to come back here. I thought it was pretty amazing that he has a vision for a good life for himself and his family and realized he could be part of the problem or part of the solution. Haiti can use more people like him, bright, passionate and willing to make a difference in this country. 

It is so strange to feel so comfortable and at home here. Ten years ago, coming here was not even on my radar and today my heart feels full when I am here. This is only my third trip to Haiti, but God knows exactly what he is doing in my life by guiding me here. It’s one thing to help people with the financial resources we are willing to share, but to take the time to develop relationships with them and get to know what is in their hearts, is a fulfilling experience I don’t quite know how to explain. Next time you see me, please ask me about my trip deserves some conversation time and not just a pat on the back for a good job done. Thank you to everyone who sent encouraging words during my journey here this week.