It’s hard to believe its already the middle of the week...time does not slow down here in Haiti either. Today was a very productive day. The fuel shortage is still on and since we have already mastered the “Tap Tap” it was time to try something new. We started off on a three wheel motor vehicle which I won’t go into detail about, but as we drove away, Dr Manno could not stop laughing. I’m pretty sure I heard him whisper under his breath, “they are crazy” under."

We arrived safely at Miss Elvy’s clinic, who is a nurse specializing in eye care, but also runs a Co-op that lends money to local farmers in need. There are 100 farmers in her group. We met a woman from Quebec, Canada who spends 4 months a year in Haiti helping women like Miss Elvy to build structure around all of her great projects and helps bring her ideas to life. Quite a team!

From the clinic, we took a motorcycle ride in the hills to a beautiful river just past Limbe where we visited with a farmer who has started a couple of Tilapia ponds. Randy and I were thrilled to see actual fish in them. We spent an hour with him and learned that he had purchased his Fingerlings (baby Tilapia) from a local fishery in the North, close to Limbe. This was great news since we would have had to purchase the Fingerlings from Port au Prince all the way in the south of Haiti and have them flown to the north every time someone needed a shipment. We are going to visit the fishery on Friday.

The rest of the day was spent giving another seminar to some of Miss Elvy’s group. This was the best day so far and I am astounded by the people we met who are filled with optimism and have a vision of success for the future. God has been at work here, long before we arrived, he gave us a glimpse of that work today and as always. He provided us with the tools we need to work together with our Haitian friends in this new and exciting project. As Dr Manno often says “Every Problem has a Solution” I think we just need to listen for it..with your ears and your heart.