Dear friends of Lake Ridge,

I have been travelling for the last week with some amazing people including our dear pastor Evan, Christin, Gwen and Kevin. How privileged am I to have the chance to be here in the Holy Land with people who are deep in their faith?

I was brought up catholic and always believed in God, however I never felt the sense of community that I share with the people at Lake Ridge. Being in Israel this week has brought me closer to this community. It has opened my eyes to so many different things. I am reading the bible (Luke) for the first time in my life. One thing I never thought I would ever do and to my surprise, enjoyed it!!

It was very touching to see my partner Kevin being re-affirmed earlier this week. The baptism happened in the Jordan River, the same place where Jesus was baptized, how cool is that?!

Last night at our hotel just before dinner I dragged Kevin and Gwen to the beach for about 30 minutes and we walked in the Sea of Galilée, I had shivers and told my friends, “do you realize we are in the same water that Jesus was on?”

A pretty awesome feeling....

I do have faith, and being here this week so far, just strengthens it. Witnessing with my own eyes all the places that Jesus walked has been overwhelming at times yet so wonderful at the same time.

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