Pastor Evan and Kevin Castanherio headed back to Haiti to learn more about fish farming and listen for the ways Lake Ridge can continue to be a part of the work God is doing in Haiti. Kevin shares below a few of his thoughts on our blog from their week so far: 

Haiti - January 26, 2017 

Another great day in Limbe, Haiti. 

Our morning started off at Dr Manno's diabetic clinic. We had the chance to tour the clinic and see the changes since the last May when we were there. First, we checked in on a motorcycle accident victim who was in pretty rough shape the night before, but seemed to be doing better. We had the chance to see the propane fridge that was donated by some generous Canadians for storing the clinic's insulin. 

Dr. Manno invited us to sit in on a few of his consultations with his regular patients. We met both young and older patients since diabetes can affect any age in this community. We sat quietly and listened to them talk about their challenges in living with diabetes, some of them cannot read or write, making monitoring their dosage for insulin a challenge. Dr. Manno was very encouraged by their progress.

After our clinic visit we met with a woman named Elvie, who has been getting small local farmers together for instructional seminars on agriculture. We just happened to be there when 50 farmers were in a meeting. Randy, our fish-farming expert and new found friend, agreed spur of the moment, to speak to the group about what fish-farming could look like in this part of Haiti. We could see, in the few minutes that he spoke, some very excited and curious faces. Next time Randy is here he will spend more time with them. Evan and I were very encouraged by yet another potential project that could make a big difference in the lives of our Haitian friends.

Before we left the area, Madame Elvie told us about a group of 30 women who have raised money to start up a possible chicken farm. How awesome it would be to encourage a group of entrepreneurs?! Shortly before we made our way back to the truck, we stopped by to say hello to some local kids who were in school. These children are part of Relive, which is an organization that provides a nutritional drink to children in developing countries. Evan mentioned that the last time he had seen them they were quite malnourished. Within minutes we had swarm of beautiful smiling children around us, holding our hands and melting hearts were impossible to avoid.

We finished off our day with a mountain hike. My breath always seems to be taken away as we witness some of the beauty of Haiti.