Pastor Evan and Lake Ridge member Kevin Castanherio headed back to Haiti to learn more about fish farming and listen for the ways Lake Ridge can continue to be a part of the work God is doing in Haiti. Kevin shares below a few of his thoughts on our blog from their week so far: 

Haiti - January 24, 2017

Today we spent most of the day at a fish farming facility that has a different approach to taking the young fingerlings from a young 1 month old fish to a mature market-ready adult Tilapia. The fingerlings are placed in secure cages and are sent out into the middle of a beautiful lake that has a normal salt consistency. There they are fed and monitored for the next 4 months until they can be sold through a few different distribution channels from restaurants and hotels to the local residents that live near by.

The lake is a perfect natural environment for the Tilapia to grow and reach maturity. This fish farming has been in operation for the past 4 years and helps to contribute to the Haitian economy by creating jobs and putting an affordable protein product in the market. We also learned that Tilapia skin can be used on burn victims to speed up healing. The scales and fat from Tilapia are high in calcium and can be used in supplements, which is sold to pharmaceutical companies to make gel caps for medicines and supplements. A very resourceful fish!

Honestly, there has been a lot to take in. We are hoping that there is something here that we can encourage in the north. We will see.