Pastor Evan and Lake Ridge member Kevin Castanherio headed back to Haiti to learn more about fish farming and listen for the ways Lake Ridge can continue to be a part of the work God is doing in Haiti. Kevin shares below a few of his thoughts on our blog from their week so far:

Haiti - January 23, 2017

Returning to Haiti helps to remind us how much we love these people and the new friendships that seem to develop with each visit. This trip first brought us to Port Au Prince where we had the intention to learn all about fish farming. Thanks to Randy Bevis, we we given a crash course from the hatchery to processing adult Tilapia here in the South of Haiti.

Our first day consisted of touring the hatchery and learning all about breading and harvesting young “fingerlings” which are about 2 inches long and sold for 10 cents. They are then sold to a few organizations so they can continue their growth path for about 5 months at which time they are ready to be processed for sale and consumption.

One of the organizations is called St Luc where we met Father Rick who is a doctor/priest. Father Rick runs a large compound consisting of a hospital that provides care for women, a fish farm, a poultry farm as well as a vegetable garden just to name a few. We were quite impressed with Father Rick’s knowledge and passion for the people of Haiti. A very interesting first day!