"So you think you're gonna win?!" 
"No, cuz daddy can't figure out where all the screws go." 

"What's missing from your car?" 
"Cup holders or a place for snacks." 

This year's crop of new builders are beyond excited to race their soap box cars. The build night was a solid evening to get well on their way to accomplishing their dream cars. 

Snacks were had, tools were used and everyone left with all their fingers in tack. 

The new racers patiently helped and put screws to begin to form the race car or pick up trucks they picked out.

Conversations of paint colors and designs were had. Everything from flames to rainbow stripes were discussed. 

Finally, it was time to test drive the cars. Down the driveway, they went one by one as they finished their cars. Parents took photos and videos of the exciting moments. Of course, a push is not as quick as the wicked launch pad that's there on race day but it was enough to determine whether the wheels were secure and rolling straight. 

Check out the photos below to see some of the racers building and testing their cars. 

Racers! Do we have your attention. Do you know one? Want to be one? All ages and everyone welcome to race on Sunday, September 11th at 1:30 pm. Don't have a soap box car? No worries. We'll rent ya one. You can race or rent a car for just $20. Prizes for the top racers and a whole afternoon of fun is guaranteed. 

Register here and let us know you're coming: http://ow.ly/jDz7303Vm5O