Background to our new message series, “Questions God Asks Us”

For six weeks, starting this past July 24th, Lake Ridge Community Church is taking a summer journey of learning, reflecting, and acting. First, the back story. Over the past couple months we’ve been exploring, as a church, the questions that Jesus asked - and he asked a lot of good questions. Questions to get people thinking, to reveal his heart of love and grace, and questions that changed the way people lived. Jesus’s questions, quite literally, changed the course of history.

That brings us to now, our new sermon series piggy backs off the last series. We’re moving from the questions that Jesus asked his disciples, to the questions that God is asking of us, today. Yes, right here and now God may be asking you something. We believe that God is a connecting God. God wants to know us and meet with us. When God whispers into our hearts, God is hoping for a reply. It’s a two way relationship of love and trust that leads to growth and a change in us. 

But how we listen and respond to God is a big question in itself. We want to become people who do this instinctively, habitually, and reflexively. But how? 

That’s where the Big Story of God comes in. Each Sunday we’ll be looking at a time in the Bible when God asked a big question. A ‘who, what, when, where, how, or why’ question that changed the way someone lived. God’s questions brought people from despair to hope, from lost to found, from lonely to loved. Today we believe that God is asking each of us questions that can take us from where we are, to new places of hope and life. 

Each Sunday we’ll find a creative way for you to respond in a moment of prayer, writing down a new question, a reflection, or reading that will help you take God’s words with you throughout the week. We hope that “Questions God Asks Us” will create new rhythms in your life this summer. 

If you’ve missed a message, be sure to listen online.