People have asked me why I wanted to have a garage sale to raise money for Synergy and the Lake Ridge Church offices in the new building soon to arrive in Chestermere. I admire and relate to Synergy's values and wish I would have had access to an organization like it when I was growing up.

This organization helps young people to develop their leadership skills, explore their passions and all in a safe environment that encourages personal development and growth. My love for Lake Ridge and our pastors is no secret and I have always felt welcome and loved by our church community. The work that Evan and Preston do outside of church is deserving of a quiet and safe place (other than sitting in my truck or sharing a coffee at Starbucks) for sharing conversations or just having them listen or lend their support.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the sale a success, from Tara and Ryan who gave up their garage for us to host it come rain or shine...and yes, it did rain off and on all afternoon. Thanks to the Synergy volunteers who helped arrange items and give people a hand to their car. Thanks to Evan and Joel who helped gather and price all the items and of course to everyone who came out to support us or make a purchase.

The garage sale raised a total of $750 and all of that will go towards the new building.  Good luck to Synergy and to our Lake Ridge pastors!


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