Well, that’s another trip to Haiti in the books. As usual, God has not only given us a chance to give many gifts to our friends in Haiti, He has used them to teach us about things: community, relationship, generosity, faith, and love. And the Haitians are awesome at all of that. 

Our group was blessed to shake the hands of community leaders that we could only dream of becoming. The pastors, teachers, and doctors who give their lives to make their neighbourhoods better is humbling in every sense of the word.

God has used our friends in Haiti to reflect back on us; our arrogance and to be honest the shallowness of our faith. He has used our bodies to show us that we are weak and that we need His strength to survive. He used our feelings to try to see and touch the needs of our broken world, both there and in our own city. He used the children to teach us that you can fall in love in an instance, (even if we don’t like kids) and that your heart can be in two places at once.

I could go on with this list but I will stop there, oh wait, one more thing. How is it that God can take a group of 12 people, a messy bunch with so many differing opinions, emotions, and ages and call us to a mission that is filled with so many tensions and challenges? Well, He does, and in fact, He has done it before hasn’t He? It's like His specialty isn’t it? He loves to call messy people to Himself; to demonstrate His love for us and then send us out with a purpose and a mission to love others. 

Our group grew together as we have learned what it means to serve the kingdom of God together. What have we learned? Well, we learned we need everyone. We need the organizers, we need the servants, we need people to tell the story through pictures and words, we need the children and we need those who have a hard time loving children. We need the comedian and the deep thinker. We need the empathetic puddle of tears and we need the comforter. We need people to hold babies and we need people to feed the elderly. Oh, ya and we need leaders.

Bottom line we need each other, it can be easy when things get hard to tap out, to close ourselves off, but it that would be our loss wouldn’t it? Because God has given us each other, so we can have the strength to reach out and care for the widow and the orphans even when we didn’t think were capable of doing so.

Strength is never found on our own, it is always found in community. I think it was pretty intentional from our creator’s perspective. May this trip, the ones in the past and the ones in the future, call us all to see and hear the need for community in our own lives. May it create a hunger to seek out deeper relationships with people who are not like us, but because of our common faith in Jesus are exactly like us.

-Pastor Evan