We have a fond place in our hearts for Our Lady of Wisdom (OWL) School. After all, we spend every Sunday morning in the school sharing stories, loving kids, and building community together.

So, when the Parents Association at OWL was looking for someone to help refinish the main sign outside, Lake Ridge took the opportunity to step up. As a group, we believe we play a role in making our community a better place to live. So sometimes, that means volunteering for the unwanted and not so shiny jobs that come up. Ever noticed that?

They might be unseen, unexciting tasks, but Jesus wasn’t really about taking the easy and flashy jobs (although he does a lot of cool things). So we take a page out of his book and sign-up for the ordinary work. Sometimes that’s right where we are supposed to be.  

One of the great things about Lake Ridge people is when we put it out there to ask for help on short notice the response from our people is overwhelming. Many are willing to pitch in. Its no surprise that when we all get together to work on a project like this we see our value of community being lived out in a real way.

So as we celebrate Neighbour Day today (June 18th), a project like the sign is a good reminder of the opportunities that exist in neighbourhoods to make them a better. What does it mean to make our community a better place to live? Is it spending a couple hours sanding a sign? Is it spending time hosting block party? Is it just walking across the driveway to say hi?

I think sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in thinking these acts have to be so big and monumental. That “making our community a better place to live” has to be some large campaign or requires a lot of time and effort. Sometimes that’s true, other times we can come together over a small sign outside a school, love the school, love each other and our community in the process. What could you do this weekend for your neighbourhood?