I entitled this post torn between two worlds, and I did it because for me this week in Haiti has been a challenge to serve where I’m at. You see this week while I was away a friend of mine passed away. As I found out the news every part of me wanted to jump on a plane and get home to my friends who I love dearly and do what I could to mourn with them and serve them at this important time of need. However, that was simply impossible and I was faced with the challenge of dealing with my own personal loss (as may pastors do) and choosing to be present in the moment and place, which I was in.

One of the places we served was in a community called Petite Anse, it is an area of Cap Haitian where some of the poorest of poor live. We visited and orphanage, played with kids, built a part of a kitchen and checked in on a food program our family of churches has been resourcing for the last several years.

It is hard places in so many ways, accentuated by the fact that they have started buying garbage in order reclaim some of the land from the sea (cheaper than fill). One of the days while I was there doing my best to be present, we had to make a supply run, and that’s when I believe God gave me a gift. You see my friend Ray was a huge supporter of the Cheatle Lions club. They are a great group of people who do so much to support the community both locally and globally. In fact, Ray was such a supporter that just minutes before his heart attack he was telling me about their latest steer auctions they had put on over the weekend. Telling me about how much they raised, but more importantly where the money was going to go (funding a hospice care centre in Strathmore). Ray’s heart for these things was so obvious and his actions are what made it that way.

Anyways back to my story, as we were driving down the dusty, hot road would you believe that right in front of us drove a truck. On the side of that truck, you guessed it, a very recognizable Lions Club logo. You can choose to call it what you would like, for me it was a gift. Was it Jesus assuring me that he was watching over my friend and me? Was it Ray telling me to get my lazy A$$ back to work? Well maybe it was both.

I’m home now and it will be my honour to serve my friend Ray and serve his family and our friends as we say goodbye to a great one, who knew that serving where you are at is one of the greatest gifts you can give…and receive.

-Pastor Evan