Today was an awesome day! Firstly, it is day three of my Cipro medication (the dreaded travellers diarrhea) and I am feeling so much better. It’s not only being uncomfortable but facilities are few and far between…..

We started the day with a relaxing breakfast and then off for a forty minute walk to the woman’s completed house. It was a time to connect with the locals and have some of the children walk with us. We were able to see her house complete with a roof and all. She had moved all of her belongings out so that the concrete could be poured on the floor. It was rewarding to see that the woman and her husband had a safe and comfortable home to live in. They will be safe and protected from the elements. Erika told me she saw the joy in the woman’s face and that we not only made her day but that we changed her life.

The walk home was long and hot and unfortunately I had forgotten to put sunscreen on my neck. I couldn't help but reflect on the distance that the woman has to travel to the well to get her water for the day. She walks approximately thirty minutes every day to get water and then carries the large metal pot on head to get back to her home. I will add that there is a five minute steep climb at the end as she lives half way up the mountain. It’s not a problem to climb but becomes daunting when carrying one-hundred five pound bag of concrete. Even harder when you are a seventy year old woman with an ailing husband.

After lunch we set up a photo printing stand and invited the local children in to take their pictures. We printed them out for them and put their names on them. Some of the kids were shy and some were eager to pose for the camera. I was happy to see Caroline and Erika connecting with the local children.

Then the real work began. We were summoned by the ladies who are taking care of us and cooking for us. They asked us to help with the Surepta feeding program that feeds the elderly of the community. We started with one-hundred pounds of beans and divided them into two pound bags. Next was the garlic and green onions, a bag of sugar and six scoops of rice. Tomorrow we will complete the bags with a bottle of oil. 

My heart was full of joy for the blessings of the day. We are seeing the fruits of our labour and it will be a joy to hand out the food packages to the elderly on Sunday. God is blessing this community and he sees us walking beside the people of Haiti.

-as Gio calls me “Mama Marie”