Today we woke up and had our breakfast as usual there were mangoes, bananas, and this grilled cheese thing. It was good. After breakfast we filled up our water bottles and went for a walk down to the old lady’s house the one we built as a group. It was hard to think that for us this was just a small project but for her it changed her life. The house used to be a big tent and when we came by and turned it into a home is pretty amazing.

It was hot and a couple of kids were following us to and from the old lady’s house, they held Kevin’s hand mostly. but whenever I stopped to tie my shoe one of them would stop and wait so that I wouldn’t feel left out or not noticed. That made me feel loved and cared for. 

After a while of being couch potatoes, we all went out on the patio to take pictures and print them out for the kids. The first little boy that got his picture taken took the picture and went out to tell all his friends about it. As all the girls and boys who got their picture taken came and watched it get printed. I watched their faces, everybody looked shy but fascinated. It was as if they wanted it and couldn’t wait.

Later we helped the women here prepare the food for the Surepta program and it was hard for all of us. It pains me to think that they do this by themselves every month. And for us we only did it once and our backs ached and our knuckles hurt so to think they do this a lot and we are so powerless we can barely do it once. I'm in awe of the women who do this hard work all the time. 


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