Today we travelled to Petit Anse to help the kids at the orphanage and to build a kitchen to feed the kids who live in the community. The basics of life, like food and shelter, which we take for granted, are a daily struggle for this community. To see children who lack the basic necessities breaks my heart - yet my heart is full to watch these children share themselves with us. 

The children gathered with us on the porch and we began to paint their nails - again. Some of the children were picking off the nail polish, which we had put on yesterday, so that they could be with us again. One little boy, Kenny, patiently waited in the line so that he too could have a chance to sit with us. Kenny even took off his shoes and requested that his toe nails be painted pink. 

I couldn't help but think that this was God’s way of helping us connect with the children. For them to allow us to touch their feet and connect with them was a true demonstration of grace. The children were full of affection for us and easily fell asleep in our arms. Children are children all over the world, we are more alike than different, and God’s grace is here in Haiti with us.