When I was getting ready to go to the orphanage this morning I was thinking about the girls that I played with last night and I wondered if I would see them today. As we were about to get into the cars. I saw the little girls I played with and I said hi to them. They asked me if I would like to play with them and I said I would love to, but today I am going to play with some other kids in an orphanage. 

After I had gotten in the car I was sitting beside Jessica and my favourite and only sister Erika. While we were driving to the orphanage Tara and I were talking about how all the signs in the town are all painted even the stop signs were painted. 

Once we got to the orphanage we got a tour of the orphanage and in the middle of the tour a little girl held my hand. I asked her what her name was and she said Alissa I said that there was another Alissa here too (our translator Madeline’s daughter) and we went looking for her. 

After the tour was finished we went to see where the other half of the group was going to help build the kitchen. When we were on are way there it was very sad because we were walking on a dirt path road and we were just strolling along until suddenly we were walking on mud and garbage. It was very sad when we got to the house and we went to see what the old kitchen looked like. 

It was just a little tarp covering the kitchen. Half of the group walked back to the orphanage and we started to paint the girls nails. I had put sparkles on top of the actual nail polish colour so it would be sparkly and once I did it to one girl all the girls had to get it. 

When we were done painting nails I took a couple of the kids and we played with some bubbles. We played with bubbles and jump rope for a while in the sun. 

Erika, Megan and I went into one of the rooms in the orphanage and set up the camera. We used a little printer and took a picture of every kid in the orphanage. When we took the picture of each kid we would print the picture and we would write the name of the kid and the year. 

We finished all the photos and I played frisbee with some of the kids. Later, we sat on the bench and had a rest. This girl and I started talking and I asked her if she wanted to play a game with me, so Erika and I taught her and 3 other girls how to play stella ella hola.

We finished playing and left for lunch. The plan was that we were going out to eat lunch and then we would come back. We went to go and eat lunch and I had some fries, a gatorade and a cheeseburger. The cheeseburger was no big mac, but it was still good.

After lunch we were on our way to go back to the orphanage, but since it was a holiday which is Flag Day there was too much traffic. In fact there was so much traffic that I thought I saw a snail pas us.

We ended up not going back and just going home, but we are going back tomorrow. The day was very sad but also very eye opening. My grandma says that you did not do much work if you don't go to bed tired. Today I know that I did my share by going to bed tired. All in all it was a good day.