Today is our 2nd day in Haiti. The home we are staying in is quite large with many rooms. We each have our own bed and mine is right beside where the generator that runs the house and last night it lulled me to sleep. 

This morning we gathered in the common room and had a lovely breakfast of spicy eggs, rolls with peanut butter, fresh pineapple and mango. These people know how to cook! 

Then off we went for a walk to Dr. Manno’s medical clinic. The waiting room, which is outside, was full of at least 30 people. Dr. Manno gave us a tour. His facility has 2 examination rooms, an area for wound treatment, 3 beds that serve those patients who need to stay long term, a laboratory (there were two technicians and a doctor working in there) and a pharmacy where the medication is stored. 

Afterwards, we were blessed by the openness of several patients willing to talk about their diabetes and how after going to other clinics, Dr. Manno was the only doctor able to find a solution to the reason they were feeling so ill. It is clear that he is held in high esteem and that they are grateful for his work there. 

After that we walked to Limbe Academy, a school with many grades. The children are just like Canadian children - they loved to have their lessons interrupted by visitors. We were shown through all the classrooms and the grade 1 students performed a clapping song for us. Such bright faces, all of them singing beautifully. I am overwhelmed by all that I have seen here, the friendliness of the people, the conditions under which they live, the beauty of the mountains and trees. It is humbling to be here.  


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