As we begin our third day here in Haiti I can’t stop reminiscing about yesterday evening. After dinner last night when the sun had started to cool down we decided to jump on the opportunity to hike up a mountain beside Doctor Manno’s home. The hike was tough at times and the heat and humidity did not make it any easier, but it was a truly magical adventure. 

As we were preparing to head up the mountain a university student named Wislim who is learning english asked if he could come along so he could practice his english, and with Doctor Manno busy at the clinic we were very excited to have a local come along with us. Wislim was so excited to point things out to us in english and teach us how to say it in creole, which we were thrilled about since we had just finished out first creole lesson. 

As we climbed we passed cows grazing in the grass and men working on their crops. I wish I could think of words to express the feeling that I felt once we made it to the top. Evan and I were the first people to get to the top of the mountain where we were greeted by a man praying. The Haitians have built an area up there under a gazebo where they sometimes have Sunday church services on. The top of that mountain exposed us to some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. On one side you can see the sea or as our new friend taught us “lanme” and on the other side its green with farming crops as far as the eye can see. 

As I stood there I couldn't believe that we were not even an hour away from Cap-Haitien where we had just begun our journey the day before. Cap-Haitian was hectic, fast paced and severely over populated so standing on top of the mountain with nothing but the ocean and green space felt like we had entered a completely different world. I could feel God up there calming me and putting me at ease as we prepare to enter into the parts of the trip I am most nervous about. I’m so thankful for the ways God has been so obviously present over these first three days, and I’m eager to see where he leads us next.