Today was a pretty cool day. We landed in Haiti and went through customs since it was international travel. As soon as I got off the plane I felt the heat, more heat, and then humidity. I was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, so that made it way hotter. It was hot and crowded in the airport. We took a 30 minute drive to Dr. Manno’s house. When we arrived we unpacked all the vitamins and toys we broughtand I changed into some shorts and a t-shirt later on in the evening. After dinner and getting settled we all went for a walk. 

It was a long walk and Dr. Manno came with us. A little girl who lives close by came on the walk and she found me right away. She grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let it go. It was like we were sisters. Her name was Alyssa and she is 6 years old. She had three ponytails, two in the front and one in the back. She kept asking where my mom was. I would tell her my mom is in Canada and she would repeat that. In Canada.  

After about 5 mins walking I had a whole bunch of girls following me around. A lot of the girls wanted to touch me, in factall of the girls wanted to touch me. It was really cool. They were really interested in me and my skin. Dr. Manno said the kids here had never seen kids like me. It was really funny and they were so fascinated with me. At home I’m normal, but here I’m like a completely different person.

Closer to supper when we started walking home it rained just a little bit then it rained a lot. The showers were cold and short just a wash and a rinse.

It was just all in all a great day.