During the Month of March, Lake Ridge Community Church is doing something we’ve never done before. We are praying for our city, day-by-day, sharing with God our hopes and fears, and listening to God’s heart for us. From floods, to sudden tragedy, to political frustrations, to job loss and recession; Chestermere is facing a difficult season. We believe that God is here, and God is inviting us to join Him in loving our city. [Download the Prayer Guide Here]
But we believe this month of prayer may do something even deeper in us. Prayer is like a flower bulb. It may be small, but when rooted by God it has the power to change a barren field into a lush, fragrant garden. Like the Easter Story itself, prayer is a picture of how life can emerge from death. From wilderness to oasis, that’s the power of prayer; not only for our city, but for your own hearts. Mother Teresa once said, “If we pray, we will believe; if we believe, we will love; If we love, we will serve.” Her acts of service and her love started in prayer.
Jesus did not teach his followers a lot of things, he did not teach us how to run a non-profit, how to organize programs, or how to build facilities and invest during economic downturn. But Jesus did teach his followers how to pray. Prayer was Jesus’s starting place for everything he did. It was true for Jesus, true for Mother Teresa, and it may be true for us in Chestermere, today.
Praying for our city, our government leaders, and those work to keep our city operating well may be an important practice in your life. Praying for your neighbours and family may transform the way you see them, also. Praying is the practice of putting our lives and hopes and worries in the hands of God. It’s a small and simple act of listening to, and trusting in, God. It is a posture of gratitude, using our own words to thank God for everything. It can result in waiting or action, it can lead us to mend a broken relationship, or lead us to step into new ones. When we pray we invite God to be God in all of our circumstances. However you pray, God is listening and cares deeply for your neighbourhood, city, and the people you know. Throughout the month of March, Lake Ridge Community Church is called to pray for our city and for the people we meet each day. It’s a practice we’ll be doing together, and there is no set way of going about doing this. We simply begin.
Here are four steps you can take to “plant a prayer” for your city:
1. Find a quiet moment, each day, to sit down and spend time with God.
2. Pray specifically for someone, or a group in our city.
3. Talk and listen. Ask God for help, and thank God. God
hears all kinds of prayer, especially yours.
4. Act. With each person we are praying for, we’ve included
their contact information. Maybe that person or group needs to know that they are being prayed for, that they are important and loved. Imagine how amazing it would be to know that dozens, or hundreds, of people were praying for you? It is powerful.

Prayer Resources

1. Here is the Prayer Guide, download the .PDF and follow along. 

2. Here is a creative resource from Jeff Strong, another Covenant pastor, on prayer, "How to Pray for an Hour."

3. Here is our Lenten Reader, with great daily devotionals written by our friends to help you reflect and pray through this season of Lent.