This Advent season Lake Ridge is working our way through the sermon series titled “the unexpected places.” Each Sunday we are looking at themes of the expectant coming of Jesus, the places and people that God came to, and how we may live expectant of God’s surprises today. 

As a part of the sermon, theme Lake Ridge will be gifting a different local organization each week with a $500 gift. One of our values at Lake Ridge is generosity. Generosity applies to our time, talent and treasure. It’s more than financial support; it’s a way of living. We believe that living generously doesn’t stay just within the “walls” of Lake Ridge, but maybe even more importantly, it’s about living out this value in our city.

And being generous can be just plain fun. Last week, Ann Symes received the first gift on behalf of NeighbourLink Calgary. NeighbourLink is a wonderful organization that serves Calgary and area. It’s primary focus is on Infant Care for children two years and under. The program provides essential items to babies that are vulnerable.

“NeighbourLink works to connect with other community organizations to gather resources and come alongside young families, and specifically young moms. Not all moms have the resources they need to care for their little ones, and this organization is not just a handout. They continue to provide support to new moms in that first year,” says Ann.  

If you have any gently used items for children 2 and under bring them to Lake Ridge next week (December 18th) and we will ensure they get to NeighbourLink. 

For more information on NeighbourLink Calgary contact them by phone 403.538.7398 or by email: