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Visit to download the free app. Get ready to start reading along starting August 24th. We'll get through the whole New Testament this fall and with just a few minutes a day we'll be done by December 24th. Merry Christmas, you did it!

Today's scripture reading is:

Download the one Pager

We've created a great guide to help you read everyday. Simply follow along, check off the boxes, and in four months you'll have read the whole New Testament along with others. Download the sheet here.

Join the Small Group

Nothing helps us grow and reflect on what we're reading than to gather and talk about it. Preston and Kelly Pouteaux are opening their home to host a weekly soup night, followed by a time to discuss and share what you've learned in the Bible readings each week. It's free and super casual (& tasty). 209 Rainbow Falls Glen, 6-9 pm on Tuesdays starting October 10th, 2017. To learn more, email Preston here.

Come for Coffee

A weekly coffee group will be meeting at Starbucks to chat about what we're reading. Date and time TBD. If you'd like to join, email Preston here.

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