Pastor Evan introduces our new sermon series, "The Story of David." For five weeks we'll bring these stories to life and discover how David was a crucially human example of how we relate to God. In the beginning God created us and gave us his likeness. We were made to be in constant, beautiful, pure, perfect to live in relationship with God. In the story from 1 Samuel 8 the people wanted a physical king to lead them. And don’t we all? Pastor Evan explores the question, “why does God give them what they want?” God wants to give you want you desire - even though it’s not always what you need. He gives them what they want and that means he has to reorient his plan and his love. Because they asked for it. The reoriented plan of God demonstrated his heart of us in the midst of our own personal rejections of him as our king. It’s the kind of the story that changes history. It changed the history of God and his people. What does it mean to allow God to be the king of your life?