Haiti has been an important place for Lake Ridge since the very beginning. Several of our people have been and fallen in love with this place and the people. Our hope is that we can continue to share the story of the people, the country and the projects we partners in.


Aqua Farming: is a new possibility we are working on. In the fall of 2016 Randy, Kevin Castanheiro and Pastor Evan traveled to Haiti to explore what it could look like to encourage, train and support the start up of local farmers and groups to start their own farms. The opportunity to teach and train farmers to produce fish as a sustainable source of food and income is the goal. We have several partners who have started farms!


Haiti Trips & Experiences

Haiti continues to be an area where we find deep joy and often experience life transformation. Some of our friends at Lake Ridge continue to lead and attend trips and share their experiences. You can find their stories and insights below.