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Get into the Christmas spirit by crafting up a burlap wreath...art skills not required! All are welcome to join in for a Holiday Wreath Making night (whether you want to craft one or would prefer to just visit). Check out the details below to gather all the supplies you need and RSVP to let us know you'll be there. 

Step 1:  Browse for a bit of inspiration
There are burlap wreathes everywhere.  For some of the variety of inventions from here in Chestermere, check out ‘Wreath Makers of Chestermere’ on Facebook.

Step 2:  Go shopping
Burlap wreathes can get a bit expensive if you go to Michaels and but all your supplies full price.  Here’s a few tips.

·       Dollarama carries cheap plain burlap.  You can stock up there.
·       Michaels often has their burlap on sale – you just need to watch the sales.  Michaels is the place to go if you want a patterned burlap or a coloured burlap.
·       Wired ribbon can be found everywhere at Christmas time:  Costco, Dollartree...and on great sales at Michaels.
·       Sometimes you can find wire wreath frames at Dollartree, but they are always at Michaels.
·       Wreath ‘accessories’ can be found at dollar stores and craft stores all over the place.

What you need: 
·       60 feet of 5″ wide burlap ribbon or garland (20 yards) — Usually ends up being about 5-6 rolls
·       14″ wire wreath (You could also use a bigger wire wreath frame, but I would add at least a few more yards of burlap (2 more rolls) so the look is full and fluffy
·       12 yards of wired accent ribbon that is at least 2″ wide (this could be 12 yards of one accent, or 6 yards of two accent colours
·       Accent flowers, or phrases, or bells, or signs….

Easiest thing to do, depending where you shop, is to buy more than you need…create the wreath, then return all the left overs!  Running out of supplies is super frustrating.

Here’s the inspiration and instruction page if you can’t join us: https://www.facebook.com/Wreath-Makers-of-Chestermere-962692343767825/

Step 3:  Come to Wreath Making Night
You’re welcome to come join us even if wreath making isn’t your thing...knitting something fabulous? Come along!  Just want to socialize and sip wine?  You’re welcome too!! 

Date:  Friday, Dec 1
Time:   7:00pm to about 9:00pm (can take longer or slower depending on your speed!)
Location: 101 Rainbow Falls Lane